Proyecto Cafeína

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Proyecto Cafeína

Comprehensive Services on Real Estate Development

Human-Centered Design

About Us

Connected by the same purpose.

The design of integral projects through collaborative impact, with the aim of contributing to the development of society. Precursors of well-being.

The recognition for generating innovative trends globally. Inspiration through participating design. The creative and versatile design process, keeping us at the forefront through research and development.


What we offer

We are focused on generating value for the user, through experience and positive transformation catalysts for the context in which they are located.

We get involved in the different phases of the project process, integrating the decisions of the client or community in the design.

  • 01

    Viability and competition studies

  • 02

    Preliminary project conceptualization

  • 03

    Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  • 04

    Legal and Financial Management

  • 05

    Commercialization and Customer service


Our work

We generate unique projects, in which a whole experience is guaranteed. This is achieved through the control and management of all phases of the business.

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