• Built surface 255 m2
  • Status Built
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Juan Yanuzzo
  • Engineering Oscar Zaragoza
  • Construction Javier Flores
  • Fotografía Partick Lopez


Located in one of the most marginalized municipalities in Mexico, this project responds to the need of the Association of Indigenous Peasant Women Yoltika AC to have a space in which they could generate a change in women's lives to create a free life violence and address sexual and reproductive health in the exercise of women's rights. The proposal was to create this meeting center in which they could organize themselves to strengthen women, their families and communities in order to generate a full life.

The property

The property was donated by the city council in one of the main streets of the town. The irregularly shaped terrain has a significant slope and an irregular shape that ends at the back with a fresh water stream.

Due to the unevenness, it was proposed to make a meeting room on the ground floor to gain the necessary height at street level in addition to giving access hierarchy. The meeting room is vestibuled by a side access that ends at the bottom of the land towards the stream, achieving a wide space.


On the first level, a little above the street, there is access through a ramp that serves as a transition between the street and the building to enter the reception and waiting room. On one side are the stairs to the second level and in front of it is a door that leads to the different cubicles for specialties in sexual health, legal assistance, emotional support, as well as an operational office with a dining room and a terrace. Upstairs is considered an administrative office with a rest room and full bathroom for specialists or patients who have to stay for different reasons.

The architectural design of the project seeks to adapt to the context without greater prominence, being subtle and sensitive to the environment as well as dialoguing with a typology and color palette of the "magical towns" that exist in the region and throughout the country.

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