• Built surface 255 m2
  • Status Built
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Juan Yanuzzo
  • Engineering Oscar Zaragoza
  • Construction Javier Flores
  • Marketing Ana Montes, Guadalupe Tlatelpa
  • Photography Patrick Lopez


Chilsec is a project located in Sierra Madre Oriental Mexico. It responds to the need of the Mopampa Organization of having a space where they can generate added value to the existing products from the region, such as the serrano hot pepper and blackberries. The proposal was to create this production center for the making of gourmet sauces in order to be sold to the end buyer through a fair trade commerce in an innovative way


The cornerstone for the development of this project was the client’s clarity of ideas. The project reflected their personality in a cooperative setting, while at the same time becoming a development magnet and a source of employment in the region.

The development’s guidelines were sustainability in all of its aspects, functionality, connection to the environment and community participation in the development. The center currently conforms a model for other cooperatives, as an example that through organization and participation in the community great results can be achieved.

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