Saint Peter Guest House

Saint Peter Guest House
  • Built surface 53 m2
  • Status Built
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Alan García, Gabriela Melendez
  • Engineering Luis Rojano
  • Construction Fernando Abad
  • Photography Dariane Iturbide


An architecture assembled quickly in a light way, such as a cargo container that seeks to travel light and store the maximum volume of cargo inside, this project breaks down the sheet container and, like an origami, it folds into the shape of a ladder, folds to produce a slope, it shrinks in the form of a prism and wrinkles to generate a texture on the façade producing the architectural work.

Derived from the pandemic, as in many other cases, the project seeks the integration of a new space in the house to be used as a workplace. In this case, it was decided to project this new space in the garden area of the house, integrating a new use beyond the common one that is the recreational space, now it is also a work space.

The concept

In contrast to the architecture of the house that we also carried out, a low tech high customization design through the traditional construction of the place based on partitions in its different compositions, in this new space we opted for a fast construction system. Just as the pandemic suddenly came to our reality and with it a social and economic crisis, the adaptation to this new normality had to be effective.


To achieve the integration of the new space in the garden, an elevated construction was proposed that allows the ground floor to preserve the original recreational use and that also serves as a parking space to protect the customer's excursion van.

On the first level, equipment is projected to serve meetings in the garden and even to accommodate a visitor with a complete bathroom, a living room with a kitchen and a sofa bed with an outdoor terrace. On the second level, the work space is considered equipped with a desk and an outdoor terrace that allows remote work and contact with the green area of the house. All this with access to the outside street without losing privacy in the house.

The construction system used, in contrast to the artisan construction of the house partition which requires a long execution time, in this case prefabricated materials assembled in the workshop and only placed and installed on site were used, allowing execution in a couple of months.

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