Hacienda Paraíso

Hacienda Paraíso
  • Client Enterprise
  • Built surface 21,596 m2
  • Status Under construction
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Jesús Amezcua, Rita Bustos, Ivonne Deaquino
  • Engineering Othoniel Solís, Alejandra Saucedo, Alan Hernández
  • Construction Juan Carlos Polvo
  • Marketing Ana Montes
  • Photography Patrick Lopez


The project is developed in the old paradise farm amidst nature and remnants of the ranch. The design dialogues and respects the existing elements, integrating the new concepts of contemporary and landscape design. Generous green and coexistence areas emerge as the guiding axis of the project around which the houses are articulated in a comfort way.

Special attention was paid to the conception of an experience through the creation of ambiences, understood as the set of architectural, environmental and social elements that make up the perceived space through sensations. The creativity of the user is encouraged to discover, inhabit and modify the diversity of ambiences.


A housing complex that emerges under the premise that the user is as important in the creation of the architectural work, as the architect who designs it. Considering this approach, the possibility of personalization by the inhabitant of the space in 3 axes was given particular relevance:

  1. Multiplicity of possibilities, avoiding the unique prototype, various configurations are proposed so that the user selects the one that best suits his life and budget project.
  2. Progressive growth, housing is articulated from a rigid core where facilities and services are located, surrounded by an adaptable program, allowing the gradual expansion of spaces and facilitating the multiplicity of possibilities.
  3. Customization of the space, the user is not a motionless concept, his needs and life project changes over time. It gives the opportunity to customize the areas of progressive growth, using a wide range of materials and finishes.

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