• Built surface 5,100 m2
  • Status Built
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Mariana Pedrero, Jose Luis Baez
  • Engineering Olivia Gil
  • Construction Javier Flores
  • Marketing Juan Yanuzzo
  • Photography Patrick Lopez


Piedra is part of Saint Peter Design District, an urban intervention that seeks to dynamize the urban life of the west side the Mexican city of Puebla. Piedra “Stone” is the duality of a sculpted volume. An organic motionless element deprived from part of its essence to become something else. A polished geometry that experiences the flow of energy between the earth and the sky. The reflective glass facade changes with the context, becoming a light dynamic element in a sophisticated way


The 3 towers are placed one next to the other, the geometry dialogs and seduces the neighbor volume, wanting to touch but never succeeding. Each one is part of a system keeping its individuality and essence.

This apartment complex is designed to create a unique experience for each home owner. The 30 units are divided in 3 towers. Each unit is different in surface, shape, location or features. The towers surround an urban orchard where not only the habitants will have the opportunity to grow their own food but also socialize and even have creative conflicts with each other.

The interior is meant to be an intimate discovery. Inside each apartment there are crafted, personalized golden elements that intend to awaken the curiosity along the way. Such as lamps, electric outlets, faucets, showers, etc.

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