Tosepan Kali Hostel

Tosepan Kali Hostel
  • Client Organization
  • Built surface 780 m2
  • Status Built
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Olivia Gil, Mariana Pedrero, Jose Luis Baez.
  • Engineering Javier Flores
  • Construction Liliana Gonzalez
  • Marketing Juan Januzzo
  • Photography Patrick Lopez


The Hostel is located at the existing eco-touristic complex in Tosepan. A nahuatl indigenous cooperative that seeks to increase the quality of life of its members, keeping their cultural legacy and preserving their natural resources. These is why we selected local materials like bamboo, stone, brick and Bahareque (soil and bamboo panel) in an innovative way.

The project intends to merge and dialogue with the rugged topography of the site in a ludic and free style. At the same time recover the local materials and typology. The building emerges from the ground inviting the vegetation to invade it and become one element with the landscape.


The roof was made based on triangulations, to generate a dynamic shape, the proportions of the bamboo were taken care of in the design since it would be a fundamental part of the structure, and each bamboo connection becomes a water collector to take advantage of the inclinations of the cover.

The approach to this project was to maximize the experience of traveling and discovery. Leaving aside the comfort of routine, the new hostel is meant to transport the users into a “new dimension” a place that dialogs with the natural exuberant context, setting the user into a totally new mood.

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