Benito Juarez National Universities for Well-being

Benito Juarez National Universities for Well-being
  • Built surface 1,766 m2
  • Status Built
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Leonardo Neve, Otli Campos, Rita Bustos, Max Pasquel
  • Engineering Sebastian Serrano
  • Construction NGOs
  • Marketing Ana Montes, Guadalupe Tlatelpa
  • Photography Guadalupe Tlatelpa


The project is an initiative that aims to give access to a quality education to students who have not been able to continue their studies, due to the limitations of public institutions and the high costs of private institutions that are mostly found in urban centers unlike these universities that are scattered in rural areas.

The scope of the program is to create university infrastructure for marginalized communities as a solution to the growing social inequity and lack of opportunities for many young Mexicans.

The architectural approach is the adaptation of the project to the local conditions of each community in recognition of the wide diversity of ecosystems around the country promoting solutions that connect with the surrounding context.

The adaptation is possible through a well-known site analysis by the communities that perceive the territory based on their own experiences, in such a way that the project responds with harmony to the effects of the sun, wind, topography and vegetation mainly. In addition, passive technologies are implemented to maintain a comfortable environment inside the building.


The objective of the project is to connect with the local context by providing identity through the adaptation of local materials, such as quarries, bricks, adobe, bamboo, local woods and the use of different techniques (labor) promoting a sense of ownership and reinforcement. of culture and at the same time supporting the local economy.

The project focuses on the recovery of the lost identity of rural communities to reaffirm their greatness through the development of spaces that recognize traditions and privilege democratic value.

Another objective is to provide an enriched experience to its students, teachers and users, through direct contact with nature and the promotion of outdoor spaces for social interaction, knowledge exchange and community integration.

Work in process

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