Bio-District Yolseuiloyan

Bio-District Yolseuiloyan
  • Built surface 6000 m2
  • Status Construido
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Edgar Rojas, Gabriela Melendez, Alan García
  • Engineering Othoniel Solis
  • Construction Juan Carlos Polvo
  • Marketing Ana Montes
  • Photography Partick Lopez


Yolseuiloyan: Nahuatl word that means "the place where the heart rests and strengthens." The project is a sustainable eco-tourism complex of 43 cabins, located in Huasteca Poblana, Surrounded by a misty forest ecosystem, in an area adjacent to Cuetzalan del Progreso’s downtown, a magical place with indigenous roots.

Design and materials

The cabins integrate bio-constructive local elements in order to favor the local economy, and at the same time to reduce the negative environmental impact of new construction; for this purpose, the chosen materials were bamboo panels and structure, adobe walls made from local soil, and limestone extracted from the site. The selection of materials is also suitable for the humid climate of the region. They help to maintain a mild temperature in the interior, thanks to their properties and the implementation of bioclimatic design strategies.

For the architectural design, a traditional house typology, with a contemporary feel was chosen to integrate with the local natural context, and at the same time to promote a unique warm natural atmosphere in connection with its surroundings, with the aim to transport the user into a calm relaxed atmosphere, full of local tradition that respects the community and the environment.

Interior design

The interior design process integrated accessories made by local artisans who incorporate the use of textiles and ceramics, bamboo and wooden furniture, and local clay, thus expressing a part of their culture through the use of local technics.

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