Casa Cohuatichan

Casa Cohuatichan
  • Built surface 715 m2
  • Status Built
  • Project Directors Diego Vilatela, Angel Valerio
  • Architecture Edgar Rojas, Roberto Tlatelpa
  • Engineering Alan Garrido
  • Construction Mario Rentería
  • Marketing Ana Montes, Guadalupe Tlatelpa
  • Photography Patrick Lopez


Cohuatichan is a 715 m2 weekend residence located on the Huasteca Mexican Mountains. Attached to the edge of a cliff overlooking a 100ha site, the house has stunning views of a waterfall and the surrounding tropical cloud mountain forest.


The exuberant context guided the design of this holiday residence extension. The integration of both interior and exterior programs was achieved through the use of a large sliding curtain wall on both levels intended to remain open while the house is in use. This allows the house to open up to the unique landscape, while also connecting the adjacent infinity swimming pool with the public living area on the lower level, and the master bedroom with an open hot tub, bathroom and terrace on the upper level in a sophisticated way.

The house’s aesthetics and materials were kept light and clean in contrast to the breathtaking surroundings in order to foster a unique experience of outdoor living while being under the comfort of a contemporary structure.

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