La Reserva

La Reserva
  • Client Investor
  • Built surface 1,105 m2
  • Status Under Construction
  • Project directors Angel Valerio, Diego Vilatela
  • Architecture Roberto Martinez, Ana Paula Borbolla
  • Engineering Daniel Serrano
  • Marketing Juan Januzzo
  • Renderings Roberto Tlatelpa


La Reserva is a residential project located in the suburbs of the colonial Mexican Town San Pedro Cholula.  The design intention for this project was to generate a link between the building, and the natural environment of the area through full visual connections in most of the spaces. 


The design also mediates between local colonial materiality, and contemporary elements by the use of rough and natural textures like wood and stone, colors like terracotta, and contemporary elements such as glass and steel, this combination provides an atemporal link to the context, without losing its contemporary language in a sophisticated way.

This 7 units building apartments is also focused on providing a warm interior experience which could be similar to inhabiting in a house, but with the benefits of having panoramic views. This is why all the units are provided with double-height spaces and two levels, this way an ample window façade, brings light from the exterior, while a visual connection is generated at the interior of the spaces. 

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